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Business Development

It refers to planned and organized support and monitoring for companies, public bodies and / or private entities, aimed at guiding participation in regional and/or European tenders and the pursuit of their objectives, in an efficient and strategic way.

How we apply it

The integrated strategic consulting service is aimed at providing advice and support in specific and well-defined areas. We do so through an analysis of individual cases, the available resources and the opportunities offered by the selected calls and / or business development opportunities at a territorial, National and International level.

For this purpose, a strategic action plan will elaborated, providing knowledge and technical assistance at the legislative level, supported by the physical and / or digital meetings, in order to assist and monitor the process step by step.

The tools do we use

> Presentation of a marketing strategy for the target market

> Business Intelligence on customers and potential competitors;

> Lead Generation, to obtain contacts with strategic customers and representatives of institutions involved in the development of the company;

> Negotiations with third parties and drafting of contracts;

> Creation and design of new Business Models;

> Development of strategic partnerships with other companies.

Why is it so important

An integrated strategic consultancy service is essential for the success of projects and investment plans, integrating business knowledge, public bodies and / or private entities with specific tools and additional information provided by industry experts.

In this way, maximum efficiency will be guaranteed in participating in any project, at local, regional and international level, in a structured and organized way.

The goal is to improve the companies’ ranking in the international market, to contribute to their financial growth and to guarantee them a competitive advantage on a National and International level.



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