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Public Affairs

EXODUS has a deep knowledge of institutions and institutional dynamics, with which it maintains relationship on a daily basis, so as to have an already consolidated political-institutional relational network.

This allows us to develop relationships with the main stakeholders of the reference sector for our clients, through public affairs strategies, combining communication tools, with a focus on digital tools.
We monitor the existing business and provide new opportunities, through:

Development and implementation of strategies

To anticipate institutional scenarios and build a profitable dialogue with external decision makers and stakeholders (institutions, trade associations, interest groups, public administration, suppliers, customers, banks, investors, communities, government, media, shareholders) and internal ones (employees , managers, shareholders, owners, consultants).

Legislative monitoring

Providing periodic reports of regulatory developments in order to anticipate the processes at EU, National and Local level. We also carry out intelligence activities on the Italian and international political scene. In this regard, we are enrolled in the Transparency Register of the European Parliament and in the Representation of Interests Register of the Chamber of Deputies.

Lobbying and public affairs

We develop a plan of the main players involved and we encourage the proactive attitude of our clients towards institutions, presenting position papers and periodic reports and carrying out direct representation activities.

Digital lobbying

We manage public affairs activities through the use of digital platforms, we take advantage of possible knowledge management, social network analysis and artificial intelligence.


We support our customers in the preparation of press releases and specific contents for external communication through all means of communication.

Risk analysis

By examining the risk exposure to investments made and / or planned and measuring how the volatility of the financial markets can affect them.



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