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Anthropogenic air pollution is damaging our planet, the use of fossil fuels in electricity production, transport, industry, agriculture, homes and industrial processes. The use of solvents in the chemical and mining industry and the treatment of waste are just one example of our incidence in global pollution.

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Clean innovation

By 2050, the EU has set itself the goal of reaching 80% in the supply of electricity that does not involve the release of greenhouse gases and this will have an impact in all sectors of the economy and in our daily habits at work and in private life.

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To speed up the process of reducing emissions, it is necessary to promote a new sense of social responsibility in private investments and in raising capital aimed at supporting clean technological innovation.

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Digitization must push us to rethink the company organization and the concept of vertical and horizontal collaboration. Smart working is not just remote work but a new frontier of work that reduces travel and increases the productivity and quality of life of collaborators.

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Systemic approach

EXODUS aims to collaborate with companies that want to build new business models to speed up the process of decarbonization and clean innovation.



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